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Baby Names Based On The Bible The Bible is a collection of the sacred writings inspired by the Holy Spirit and canonized as the Holy Book in Christianity and Judaism. The canonical inclusions of the Bible’s books varies in different religions and traditions within these sects. Judaism’s Bible (Tanakh) contains the books within both the Jewish and the Christian canons. The Torah, the most sacred portion of the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible),  is considered God’s direct words to his people, the Jews, and is the foundation of the religious Jewish laws.  Given names or first names amongst European cultures and the colonies extending from them, may vary slightly in spelling but all derive from a common source. Christianity is the common thread running throughout European cultures and all those coming under their influence. This unifying factor in faith had significant affects upon the naming practices of Europe and its colonies. In fact, first names were called the Christian name.  Christian Name Sources Two collections or parts comprise the Christian Bible, the Holy Bible. The first half was written before Christ (BC) between the twelfth and second centuries. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew. It contains the story of creation, history, laws, and Ancient Hebrew prophecies. Most names in the Old Testament are derived from the Semitic Hebrew language. Old Testament Names The names Eli, Elijah, Joel, Joseph, Michael, Jonah, and Jeremiah feature common elements, such as jeho-, -jah, -iah,  -jo,  and -el derived from Yahweh (meaning ‘He is’ or ‘He will’) or Jehovah, the 3rd person Hebrew words for the Lord. Other English names originating from the Old Testament for males are Daniel, David, Adam, Isaac, Jacob, Jonathan and Noah.  Female names include Miriam, Eve, Rachel, Sharon, Rebecca, Leah, Ruth, and Sarah. New Testament Names The New Testament is written in Greek relaying the Life of Christ through his apostles. This second half of the Bible also contains the epistles from martyred Saint Paul and John the Baptist’s  Revelation. Within its pages, a wide variety for names from Greek, Hebrew, Roman, and Aramaic origins can be found. Greek names from the New Testament include Andrew, Peter,Timothy, Lois, Luke, Stephen and Philip. Paul and Mark are Biblical names with Latin origins. Aramaic/Hebrew names featured in the Bible’s second half are Mary, Elizabeth, John, Matthew, Thomas, James, and Simon. Saintly Names Famous saints have always been a major source for names. Strongly urged by the church, parents baptized their children with the names of historical and legendary saints. In Catholic countries, traditionally the child’s first name was required to be saintly in origin. Today many Catholics continue the practice but use the middle name for the saint designation. Biblical sources for the saint names were typically from the New Testament such as Nicodemus, Mary, and Felix.  Old Testament saint names like Moses, Elijah, and Michael, are once again gaining popularity as modern Christian baby names. In 1517, discontent with the Catholic church and its corruption, Martin Luther, a German monk, nailed his ’95 Theses’ to the church door igniting a revolution resulting in a bloody war which lasted over 30 years. The Protestant Reformation’s (1517-1648) widespread movement involved the major powers in Europe, uprooting Catholicism as the dominant European religion. In England, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Scotland, Protestantism replaced the Pope and sought a return to Bible teaching. Rejecting the papal authority and their saintly designations, the Reformation’s focus on the infalliable Word, made Biblical character names fashionable. The Puritans in England brought Old Testament names back into use in the 17th century. They also began the modern day practice for the utilization of vocabulary words as first names. Names like Trinity, Hope, Faith, and Grace quickly replaced the saintly names as preferable designations.
Top 10 Biblical Names

courageous, manly

the breath  (son of Adam & Eve) 

father’s joy  

grace of God


the supplanter

daughter of the oath  (Solomon’s mother)  

peace and rest (Ark Builder)


from Judah

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Name Origin Meaning M/F Celebrity Baby? Celebrity? Shortlist
Acacia Biblical Thorny; In Greek mythology, the acacia tree symbolizes immortality and resurrection. Acacia wood was used in the Bible to build the tabernacle in the wilderness.
Boy Shortlist
Adina Biblical - Boy Shortlist
Bela Biblical Destruction; also a Hungarian variant of Albert
Boy Yes Shortlist
Sela Biblical Boy Yes Shortlist
Trinity Biblical Three.
Three; a variant of Traigh
Boy Shortlist
ACHAICUS Biblical A native of Achaia, sorrowing, sad.
Boy Shortlist
Ar Biblical Awakening, uncovering.
Boy Shortlist
ABADDON Biblical Means 'ruin, destruction' in Hebrew.
Boy Shortlist
ABEDNEGO Biblical Means 'servant of Nebo' in Babylonian,
Boy Shortlist
ABIHU Biblical Means 'he is my father' in Hebrew.
Boy Shortlist
Abimael Biblical A father sent from God
Boy Shortlist
Abimelech Biblical Anglicized version of Avimelech, meaning father is king.
Means 'my father is king' in Hebrew.
Boy Shortlist
ABISHAG Biblical Means 'my father strays' in Hebrew.
Girl Shortlist
ADINO Biblical Means 'ornament' in Hebrew.
Boy Shortlist
Adie Biblical Ornament, adorned, Noble, Wealthy
Girl Shortlist
Dorkas Biblical Gazelle
Girl Shortlist
Theophilus Biblical - Boy Shortlist
Rhoda Biblical - Boy Shortlist
RHODES Biblical Where the roses grow; an island in Greece
Boy Shortlist
Thaddeus Biblical Wise.
Boy Shortlist
Azriel Biblical God is my help, help of God. Variants: Azaria.
Girl Shortlist
Bartleot Biblical Son of Tolmai, son of the furrow "."
Boy Shortlist
Caleb Biblical 'A dog, a crow, a basket'
Bold or dog; an Israelite who joined Moses from Egypt to live long enough to enter the promised land.
Boy Shortlist
ELAM Biblical A young man; a virgin; a secret
Boy Shortlist
Ezekiel Biblical May God give strength.
God strengthens; The biblical Ezekiel was a prophet among the captives taken to Babylon at the fall of Jerusalem. The Old Testament Book of Ezekiel contains his prophecies.
Boy Shortlist
Lois Biblical Uncertain meaning, possibly a variant of Louise or from a Greek word meaning better. The biblical Lois was a grandmother of Timothy.
Boy Yes Shortlist
Selah Biblical A rock.
Boy Shortlist
SIVAN Biblical A bush or thorn.
Boy Shortlist
TIRZAH Biblical Benevolent, complaisant, pleasing.
Boy Shortlist
Zaza Biblical Belonging to all.
Boy Shortlist
BEL Biblical - Girl Shortlist
Aracely Biblical - Boy Shortlist
Topaz Biblical Golden-yellow gem.
Girl Shortlist
Kishi Biblical Bow. Other interpretations: Strength. Variants: Kushaiah.
Girl Shortlist
Xerxes Biblical Meaning uncertain. This name is originally Persian, where it takes the form Khshayarsha. The Hebrew form is Ahasuerus.
Boy Shortlist
Hadar Biblical Beautiful, honored
Magnify, glorify, honour.
Boy Shortlist
Aquila Biblical An eagle.
Boy Shortlist
Aran Biblical An ark; their curse
Boy Shortlist
Galal Biblical A roll, a wheel.
Boy Shortlist
MARAH Biblical Bitter, bitterness
Boy Shortlist
ELISHAMA Biblical God hears
Whom God hears,God has heard
Girl Shortlist
Hara Biblical