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Celtic names - Baby names with the origin Celtic

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Name Origin Meaning M/F Celebrity Baby? Celebrity? Shortlist
Aina Celtic Yoruba of Nigeria female name meaning 'difficult birth,' such as a child born with umbilical cord around neck.
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AFRIC Celtic Agreeable,
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AFRICA Celtic Pleasant, agreeable, and a large continent; Africa is the Anglicized form of Aifric, an Irish name popular since medieval times. Some parents may choose Africa as a name symbolic of the continent of their heritage.,
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Maccus Celtic Son of Gus ...
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Betha Celtic - Boy Shortlist
AIRELL Celtic Nobleman
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Allyn Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Allan Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Cairbre Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Camey Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Burgess Celtic Lives in town
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AVALON Celtic Arthur's burial place.
Celtic for island of the apples, Avalon is the magical island where the old and the new religions of England meet and overlap in legend. Legends of the island as a paradise probably pre-date Arthur, but the island is most famous as King Arthur's burial place and the place where he will return to earth.
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ARAWN Celtic King of the Otherworld
Mythical king of the Underworld
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Custennin Celtic Mythical giant
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Mabon Celtic A knight.
Legendary son of Modron
Mythical god of youth,
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Owain Celtic Well born. A form of Evan.
Young warrior,
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Cathaoir Celtic Wamor
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Aithne Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Myrna Celtic Myrrh, an aromatic gum resin obtained from several Asian or African trees and shrubs, used in making perfume and incense; Considered very precious in ancient times, it was a kingly gift for one of the Magi to give to the the newborn Jesus.,
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Bairrfhionn Celtic Marksman
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Merna Celtic Boy Yes Shortlist
Alene Celtic Alone.
Fair, good-looking; feminine variant of Alan
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Ahearn Celtic Lord of the horses,
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Aleen Celtic Fair, good-looking; variant of Helen or Eileen
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Arlyn Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Alastrine Celtic The avenger. A feminine form of Alastair.
Defends mankind
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Bowdyn Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Car Celtic - Shortlist
Caswallan Celtic From Arthurian legend
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Cathair Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Cinnie Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Conall Celtic Strong in battle High; mighty.,
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Carbry Celtic Charioteer
Strong man.
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Condon Celtic - Boy Shortlist
CONNAL Celtic High; mighty.
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Culann Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Deheune Celtic - Shortlist
Doughal Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Doy Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Driskell Celtic Interpreter
Boy Shortlist
Divone Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Donaghy Celtic Brown warrior.
Dark warrior
Boy Shortlist
Ethne Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Elsha Celtic Noble
Boy Shortlist
EREA Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Fiacra Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Gweneth Celtic Fair; blessed
Whit moon; Fair one from th pool.
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Gwenn Celtic White. A short form of names beginning with Gwen "."
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Gwynith Celtic - Boy Shortlist
Duer Celtic - Boy Shortlist