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When looking for a gift to buy the parents of the new baby there are some guests are always welcome, safe gifts we’d just can’t go wrong. For example

a. Clothes for a 3 to 6 month old. My theory? New parents get a lot of baby clothes and this is all great at first and then 3 to 6 months down the track their baby is much bigger and they are left needing to buy a whole new wardrobe which in turn will be too small in another six months.

I promise you buying 6 month old size clothing for new parents will be a winner(don’t forget that the season will be different in 6 months and buy accordingly.)

b. Movie tickets and a babysitting certificate, either from a professional babysitting company or a handwritten one where you are the babysitter.

c. Meals – ones that can go in the freezer to be brought out to the rescue on days when cooking dinner is a task too high up the unscalable mountain to climb. You could take this one step further and get a takeaway food voucher if they are available in your area.

d. A maid service. What’s that you say…. that’s a little bit rich! It need not be. Open the paper will see plenty of people willing to come and do two hours cleaning for $40 including bringing all cleaning products. They can put a load of washing on at the start of the two hours and hang it up before they go. A lot of cleaning can be done by someone in two hours especially if they are no being interrupted by a crying baby, total exhaustion, a sore body etc Chip in with a few friends for this one.

e. A micro babysitting pass. I got one of these from a good friend and admittedly I didn’t take it very seriously. I mean… what was I going to do with six one-hour babysitting passes? Too short for me to shop, too short to go out and do something fun like see a movie….what good was a one-hour babysitting pass. Then AHA! Along comes baby number one and somewhere down the track I realise I have not had time to have a shower for three days as I’m too scared to have one in case my new baby wakes up. The dog has not had a walk in a week even though our home is 300 m from a beautiful dog beach and I feel every moment of my beautiful daughter has been awake has been spent in my arms which are now starting to look a little professional wrestler sized. Micro baby sitting pass cashed in.

But the Winner? Custom Baby Bedding

f. Baby bedding. Whether you are a cloth nappy or disposable nappy fan it makes no difference. Babies go through a lot of bedding. Nappies leak, babies throw up, you just can’t get enough. I got one particular baby bedding set to remember fondly even now as I write this looking at my “baby” who is now seven years old.

I was in a bit of funk. I’d been very active during the pregnancy, doing lots of yoga I even went to a music festival when I was 38 weeks pregnant. Now – four weeks after the birth I was doing no Yoga. I was too tired, I was too stressed but I also thought it was selfish for me to take time for myself. I mentioned this to a friend and two weeks later was presented with a baby bedding set with a mother and baby yoga print on it. I couldn’t believe it. How could such a motivating baby bedding product exist?The answer of course is, it doesn’t.

My friend found a site called vision bedding which allows you to choose an image from their massive stock library or even load your own image and get it printed onto almost any type of bedding. She found a mummy Yoga image and I got this is a slightly belated baby present. It inspired me to find a way to continue my Yoga, and the image meant that every time I put my daughter to bed I was reminded to do it. Okay no longer was I doing two-hour sessions but the 20 minutes here and there this bedding motivated me to do helped give me a sense of self, and certainly helped me lose some baby pounds.

So if you’re looking for something a little more personal for a new parent than bedding set from Kmart why not give vision bedding a look and put together your own custom bedding set.

Ou Review Rating
11 Stars, simply superb.

This is NOT a paid listing, or review, and on demand we can send photos of the purchased products

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