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Carmana Baby Name. Origin and Meaning of Carmana

It is 3 syllables long and is pronounced "c(a)-rma- na.
The name Carmana or slight variations of Carmana are seen in the origins Latin

Carmana has the following similar or variant Names:  |  Carma  |  Carmah  |  Carmana  |  Carmane  |  Carmarnia  |  Carmarniah  |  Karmah  |  Karmana  |  Karmane  |  Karmania  |  Karmaniah  |  Karmanya  |  Karmanyah  |  Karma  |  

Carmana is baby name suited for a Girl, it comes from multiple origins including , with the Meaning "Carmana".

Carmana Name Popularity

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