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Choosing a baby name shirt(1) Baby Name Meaning – Some parents elect to use the baby name meaning as the main focus for the choosing of their babies name…. But is this really so wise? If you choose a name meaning “calm” and your baby turns out to be anything but…. will your child later feel like they are not what you wanted?

By giving a baby a name with a certain meaning, understand that by doing so this meaning or attribute will not simply be instilled in them by the choosing of that name for your child. If your chosen baby name means “kind” it is YOU that above all values kindness as a personal attribute, and thus you must show and teach your child kindness. If the baby name you chose has as its meaning “Brave” then likewise, you need to show your child the difference between brave, and foolish, brave and bully etc,

(2) School – Kids can be cruel, and they’ll make fun of your child’s name no matter whatbut its still worth doing a quick check to see if you are overlooked any causes for real agony with a name that will result in years of misery. Consider these gaffs.

Peter Enis. How often at school are lists done with the first name as an initial? P.Enis?
Richard Penzil. Hmm. How often are names read out at school with the surname last…. and what is short for Richard? This unfortunately is a real example.
Wayne King. Now that’s just plain cruel. Or thoughtless, same goes for his friend Wayne Kerr.
Annette Eiter. Poor Ann, how many times were ants put in her lunch box?

How about these names?
Gaylord? – No commentary necessary
John. – Seems fine yes? Good strong religious name yes? Sure, but it also is slang for toilet, and client of a prostitute.
Ralph – Slang for vomit.
William – (willy)
Woody – (erect penis)
Richard Richardson (Ah yes.. the famous cricketer… who was likely called “two dicks” at school like the boy of the same name at my school.)

Likely your son will survive Richard(Dick) but may not thank you. I’m with a “Richard” and as I write this, he is shaking his head at the number of times in tech drawing class at school he was asked. “Can I borrow your rubber… Dick?….Have you got a soft pencil Dick?

Do a quick check. Make sure phonetically it’s not a disaster, think of what the name rhymes with and what it becomes when abbreviated.

(3) Celebrity Names – Are great, just don’t be too disappointed if your little Beyonce can not hold a tune of your Ronaldo prefers ballet to football.

(4) How the name sounds. Personally, I think this is one of the most important factors in choosing a name. Say your prospective baby name 10 times, see how it rolls out. Get some friends to do it too. Try it with your surname… some Christian names when combined with a surname become difficult to say due to the combination of sounds. Christian names ending in “d”, combined with surnames starting with “M” are an example.

(5) Family Names? Names like Eugene, Constance, Heime may be strong family names, but these need not be a family tradition you should foist on your child. Consider them as a 3rd name perhaps, that the child can elect not to print when asked for their full name?

(6) The name is your child’s. One’s name is such a fundamental part of who we are yet someone else chooses it for us. Name your child knowing they will become themselves reagardless of the name you choose for them, so choose a name that is theirs not the name you would have for yourself.

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