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Name Origin Meaning M/F Celebrity Baby? Celebrity? Shortlist
Lelia Latin Well-spoken; a variant of Eulalia, Boy Shortlist
Lilis Latin Spirit of the night Boy Shortlist
Glauce Latin Murdered by Medea, Boy Shortlist
Iliona Latin Daughter of Riam Boy Shortlist
Ivanna Latin - Boy Shortlist
FATE Latin Destiny Boy Shortlist
Dido Latin The legendary founder and queen of Carthage; Dido was the subject of Henry Purcell's opera , Boy Shortlist
Enyo Latin A mythological goddess of war, Boy Shortlist
Eos Latin The dawn, Boy Shortlist
CALLISTO Latin - Boy Shortlist
Celaeno Latin One of the Pleiades Boy Shortlist
Cenobia Latin Sign; Queen Zenobia was third century ruler of the wealthy Arabian desert city of Palmyra., Boy Shortlist
Chryseis Latin Prisoner of Agamemnon, Boy Shortlist
Amphitrite Latin Aunt of Achilles Boy Shortlist
Andromache Latin Wife of Hector, Boy Shortlist
Astraea Latin Star maiden; Astraea was the daughter of Zeus and Themis, and a goddess of justice. When the gods abandoned earth, Astraea was the last to leave, becoming the constellation Virgo when she finally did., Boy Shortlist
Autonoe Latin With a mind of her own; In Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia and the mother of Actaeon. In Roman lore, she is the mother of Palaemon by Hercules., Boy Shortlist
Aegina Latin Mother of Aeacus, who, in Greek mythology, was the first king of Aegina. Aeacus was known for his piety and became a judge in Hades after his death. Boy Shortlist
Akilina Latin Greek/Russian name meaning ' eagle.' Boy Shortlist
Sarpedon Latin Killed by Patroclus during the Trojan War, Boy Shortlist
Sinon Latin A Trojan soldier. Boy Shortlist
Pygmalion Latin A sculptor and king of Cyprus; According to Greek legend, Pygmalion carved a statue of a beautiful woman from ivory and adored it so much he named her Galatea and prayed for a wife like her. The goddess Aphrodite brought the sculpture to life for Pygmalion, and he and his bride shared a happy life together., Boy Shortlist
Rhadamanthus Latin A judge in the underworld of Greek mythology, Boy Shortlist
Pandarus Latin Killed for breaking a truce, Boy Shortlist
Pollux Latin In Greek mythology, Pollux was the brother of Helen of Troy and a twin of Castor, with whom he forms the constellation Gemini. Boy Shortlist
Laomedon Latin The mythological father of Priam, King of Troy, Boy Shortlist
Iphitus Latin Brother of Iole, Boy Shortlist
Ercole Latin Great gift. Boy Shortlist
Eurystheus Latin A cousin of Hercules, Boy Shortlist
Ganymede Latin Cup bearer to the gods, son of King Tros of Troy; According to Greek mythology, this young, beautiful boy became one of Zeus'' lovers., Boy Shortlist
Glaucus Latin Son of Minos Boy Shortlist
Helenus Latin Son of Priam Boy Shortlist
Daphnis Latin A shepherd. Boy Shortlist
Dardanus Latin Founder of Troy, Boy Shortlist
Deiphobus Latin A son of Priam, Boy Shortlist
Demodocus Latin A blind hero, Boy Shortlist
Deucalion Latin Son of Rometheus Boy Shortlist
Cepheus Latin Father of Andromeda, Boy Shortlist
Cerberus Latin Guard of Hades Boy Shortlist
Charybdis Latin Daughter of Poseidon Boy Shortlist
Christiano Latin Follower of Christ, A heeler, Consolidator, To unite or combine,To become solid or firm. Boy Shortlist
Chryses Latin Priest of Apollo Boy Shortlist
Anteros Latin Mutual love, Boy Shortlist
Antilochus Latin Son of Nestor Boy Shortlist
Arcas Latin Son of Zeus and the nymph Callisto, whom Hera turned into a bear. When hunting one day, Arcas prepared to kill the bear, not realizing it was his mother. Zeus intervened and transformed the two of them into the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, forever honoring them., Boy Shortlist
Athamas Latin Father of Phrixus and Helle, Boy Shortlist
Atreus Latin Father of Agamemnon, Boy Shortlist
Bellerophon Latin Slew Chimera, Boy Shortlist
Calchas Latin - Boy Shortlist
Castor Latin Brother of Helen, Boy Shortlist