Full MeaningNameOriginsGender
Means 'servant of the merciful' from Arabic abd-al 'servant of the' combined with rahman 'merciful'. This was the name of two early caliphs of the Umayyad dynasty in Spain. Abd-Al-RahmanArabicM
Name of a Persian king in Sassanid dynasty AnoushiravanIranianM
An Iranian Kurdish Dynasty, A Kurd Hero From City of Sene ArdalanIranianM
The founder of an Iranian dynasty AshkanIranianM
Name of the 3rd dynasty of Persian kings AshkanPersianM
Goddess of Syrian origin introduced into Egypt during the 18th Dynasty. AstarteEgyptianF
God of the sun-disk, worshipped as the great creator-god by Akhenaten in the 18th Dynasty AtenEgyptianM
A famous musician in Sasanid dynasty BamshadIranianM
An army commander in Sasanid dynasty BarsamIranianM
Cirrus, first king of Hachamaneshid Dynasty, Iranian name in French ( Kourosh ) Cirrus, SiroosIranianM
King of Surya dynasty, charitable HarishchandraIndianM
Surname of the second dynasty of Persian kings, KianWelsh, PersianM
Champion. A dynasty of Irish kings was founded by Niall of the Nine Hostages. Neal, NeilCelticM
Champion; A dynasty of Irish kings was founded by Niall of the Nine Hostages. Neal, Neil, Niguel, Niles, NilsGaelicM
The founder of Chandra dynasty PururavaIndianM
Famous musician in the Sassanid Dynasty RamtinIranianM
Founder of the Sassani dynasty Sepand SasanIranianM
A king of the Surya dynasty TrishankuIndianM
Possibly a variant of Vulcan, the Roman smith god; The historical Vukan was son of Stephen, the founder of the Nemanyid dynasty in Serbia. WacianRomanianM

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Celebrities with a name Meaning nasty

First NameLast NameFamous for
NealMcDonoughActorBirth Name - Neal McDonough Born on February 13, 1966 in Dorchester, Massachusetts Height - 6 Debuted in - Darkman (1990)
NeilPatrick HarrisActor / Singer / Director / Magician He is best known for his portrayal of the title character in Doogie Howser, M.D.Birth Name - Neil Patrick Harris Born on June 13, 1973 in Albuquerque, New Mexico Height - 61 Debuted in - Clara's Heart (1988)