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Celticgaelic names - Baby names with the origin Celticgaelic

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Name Origin Meaning M/F Celebrity Baby? Celebrity? Shortlist
Kalea Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
Kerryn Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
Allen Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
BRECKIN Celtic/Gaelic Yes Shortlist
BREND Celtic/Gaelic Little Raven
Girl Shortlist
Bretta Celtic/Gaelic Briton, British
Girl Shortlist
CHAELA Celtic/Gaelic Who is Like God?
Boy Shortlist
CHAELI Celtic/Gaelic Who is Like God?
Boy Shortlist
COLLICE Celtic/Gaelic Form of COLLEEN
Boy Shortlist
Conner Celtic/Gaelic Wolf lover
Battle in the valley.
Boy Shortlist
CONNLEY Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
CONNOR Celtic/Gaelic Wolf lover
Girl Shortlist
BROGAN Celtic/Gaelic Sturdy and strong
Girl Shortlist
Conor Celtic/Gaelic Wolf lover
Boy Shortlist
BRUIS Celtic/Gaelic Mansion
Boy Shortlist
Brynn Celtic/Gaelic From the hill
Small Hill
Girl Shortlist
CAGNEY Celtic/Gaelic Tribute; a surname
Boy Shortlist
CAITIR Celtic/Gaelic Pure, Unsullied
Boy Shortlist
CAMRYN Celtic/Gaelic Bent Nose
Girl Shortlist
CARGAN Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
CARLOW Celtic/Gaelic Quadruple Lake
Boy Shortlist
Carman Celtic/Gaelic - Girl Shortlist
CEANA Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
Daire Celtic/Gaelic Ancient Irish
Fruitful or dark oak
Boy Shortlist
Dallin Celtic/Gaelic Proud,
Boy Shortlist
DANELEA Celtic/Gaelic Danish Meadow
Boy Shortlist
DARAY Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
Davan Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
DONAGH Celtic/Gaelic Brown Warrior
Boy Shortlist
KAETHE Celtic/Gaelic Pure, Virginal
Boy Shortlist
Koren Celtic/Gaelic Pure, Virginal
Boy Shortlist
Kalei Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
Niel Celtic/Gaelic Champion
Girl Shortlist
Carmine Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
CISSY Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
Ronna Celtic/Gaelic Seal; Song of joy; Powerful. The feminine form of Ronald
Girl Shortlist
DILAN Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
DARY Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
FEARY Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
MABBINA Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
MEADHBH Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
Doris Celtic/Gaelic Gift; Doris was the mythological daughter of the sea god Oceanus and mother of fifty sea nymphs.
Girl Yes Shortlist
MINNY Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
Alano Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
Jonam Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
Kora Celtic/Gaelic Pure, Virginal
Boy Shortlist
Kerri-Ann Celtic/Gaelic - Shortlist
Minni Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist
SISSY Celtic/Gaelic Boy Yes Shortlist
Allayne Celtic/Gaelic - Boy Shortlist