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Not-sure names - Baby names with the origin Not-sure

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Name Origin Meaning M/F Celebrity Baby? Celebrity? Shortlist
2 Chainz Not Sure Yes Shortlist
50 Cent Not Sure Yes Shortlist
A.J. Not Sure Victorious
Boy Yes Shortlist
Abel Not Sure A breath, Son.
Boy Yes Shortlist
Adalia Not Sure Boy Yes Shortlist
Adalide Not Sure Yes Shortlist
Adelah Not Sure - Girl Shortlist
Adele Not Sure Boy Yes Shortlist
Adelya Not Sure - Girl Shortlist
Adelyah Not Sure - Girl Shortlist
Adewale Not Sure Yes Shortlist
Adriana Not Sure Dark, rich. From the Adriatic sea / Adria. A feminine form of Adrian.
Boy Yes Shortlist
Adwin Not Sure - Shortlist
Adwyn Not Sure - Shortlist
AFFRICA Not Sure - Shortlist
Afrodita Not Sure - Shortlist
Afrodite Not Sure - Shortlist
Agnes Not Sure Pure, chaste, innocent; a popular Roman martyr of the Middle Ages
Boy Yes Shortlist
Agnieszka Not Sure Purity
Boy Yes Shortlist
Aidrik Not Sure A form of Hadrianus, Of the Adriatic|Dark.
Boy Shortlist
Akon Not Sure Yes Shortlist
Akzh Not Sure - Shortlist
Alabama Not Sure Tribal Town
Girl Yes Shortlist
Alan Not Sure Harmony, stone, or noble. Also fair, handsome. Originally a saint's name, it was reintroduced to Britain during the Norman Conquest, remained popular throughout the Middle Ages, and was revived in the 19th century.
Boy Yes Shortlist
Alana Not Sure An offering,
Boy Yes Shortlist
Alasdhair Not Sure Yes Shortlist
Alec Not Sure Abbreviation of Alexander.
Abbreviation of Alexander, defender of mankind.
Boy Yes Shortlist
Aleph Not Sure Yes Shortlist
Alessandra Not Sure Boy Yes Shortlist
Alessandro Not Sure Italian form of Alexander defender of man
Defender of man,
Boy Yes Shortlist
Alex Not Sure Defender of mankind; a familiar form of Alexandra
Boy Yes Shortlist
Alexa Not Sure Defender of mankind; feminine form of Alexander,
Boy Yes Shortlist
Ali Not Sure Excellent. Noble. Early Imam (Leader) of Islam.
Greatest; a variant of Allah, the Supreme Being in the Muslim faith; feminine form of same name
Greatest, Lion of God; a variant of Allah, one of the attributes of God. Storybook hero Ali Baba was the main protagonist in ,
Boy Yes Shortlist
Alicia Not Sure A Latinized form of the German Alice, from Adalheidis meaning nobility.
Noble; variant of Alice and Adelaide
Boy Yes Shortlist
Alieda Not Sure - Shortlist
Alinta Not Sure Wise
Girl Shortlist
Alize Not Sure One who charms
Girl Shortlist
Allissah Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodea Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodee Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodey Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodi Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodia Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodiah Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodie Not Sure - Shortlist
Alody Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodya Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodyah Not Sure - Shortlist
Alodye Not Sure - Shortlist
Aly Not Sure Boy Yes Shortlist