Name Like The Egyptians Naming your little legacy from the origin of an ancient civilization which still remains mostly a mystery to the modern world, adds intriguing mystery weighted with power and strength. Name meanings from Egyptian origin are intentionally specific and embody great significance. The Country of Egypt The Arab Republic of Egypt, the official name of the country which serves as a land bridge to Asia, is part of No .Africa. Egypt covers approximately¬† is bordered by Israel (NE), Sudan (S), Libya (W), Red Sea (E), and the Mediterranean Sea (N). Egypt is a country with peculiar geographical local. Serving as a connection between two continents (Asia & Africa), it's desert habitat is bordered by two major waterways making it a natural trading port and a land traversed by many cultures. Ancient Egyptian People The Egyptians were highly skilled craftsman constructing two of the world's Great Wonders, the Sphinx and the Pyramids. The functional use for these elaborate architectural icons still eludes geologists and scientists alike. How the people of ancient Egypt were able to build these amazingly heavy, finely chiseled structures remains a mystery today, as well. Their personal nomenclature designations for their offspring references their spiritual beliefs, as well as their acute understanding and respect for the elements. The ancient language, Egyptian, was part of the Afrto-Asiatic language family and was spoken until the 3rd century in Egypt. Egyptian Mythology Names The Ancient Egyptians were polytheists (worshipped multiple gods) including the elements. In naming practices for their children and for supreme god creations, the Egyptians often combined 2 or more mythological variations. For example, Amon (yamanu) means “hidden one” and refers back to the Thebes revered god of creativity, air, and fertility. His attributes were assimilated into those of Ra the Egyptian sun god. Combined, the two make a supreme solar deity called Amon-Ra. He appears in recovered artwork with a solar disk around his head. Anubus was considered the “golden child” He ruled the underworld with the face of a jackal and the body of a man. Osiris derives from the Greek form for Asar (Egyptian), meaning unknown. Osiris was the Egyptian judge of the underworld and god of the dead. Isis, his wife, brought him back to 'life' after Seth, his brother, killed him. Isis is from the Greek, derived from the Egyptian 'Ueset' or 'Iset', meaning “the throne”. According to the myth, she was the wife of Osiris, mother to Horus. Isis outfitted with a headdress shaped like a thorn was the goddess of nature and the sky. Later infused with Hathor, another goddess, Isis is depicted with cow horns on her head. This horned Egyptian goddess was an idol also worshipped by the Romans and Greeks. Horus derives from the Greek form for the Egyptian Hrw probably meaning “high” or “falcon”. He's drawn by the Egyptians as a man with a falcon's head. Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris. The god of light, Horus killed Seth to avenge his father's murder. Interesting Names & Meanings Ptolemy and Amenhotep, popular names for Egyptian males, are the namesakes of former pharaohs. In ancient Egypt, pharaohs were more than rulers or kings. According to history, pharaohs were believed to be gods by the people, possessing great power and absolute authority over those he ruled.11 former New Kingdom Egyptian kings held the name Rameses. The elemental breakdown indicating the meaning is as follows: Rmssu (son of Ra) = Ra (supreme Egyptian sun god) + mes (son) or mesu (be born) Names for Egyptian goddesses are also commonly used for baby girls, like Isis (the supreme star goddess), Nefrititi (beautiful one has come) and Uadjit (cobra goddess). Aapep or Apapi (moon snake) is a mythical, ancient name seeing recent modern popularity. This giant snake would try to get souls departing for the afterlife. Those caught would cease to exist. Not exactly a comforting bedtime story, but it's a pretty cool name. Atahalna (he interrupts) is a popular name for Egyptian boys which comes from North American and has a Native American origin. Other popular Egyptian originated names from the Middle Eastern and African continents are listed below with their meaning.

Egyptian Meaning

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