How The Welsh Use Endings & Elements For Creating Names Wales is a kingdom in the U.K. and the home of the Welsh people. Welsh names are usually derived from the ancient Celtic Baby Names, although some came from English Names and became Welsh names via adoption along with a variant spelling. Common name elements derived from the Welsh language form the basis for many Welsh names. Diminutive suffixes are used to easily change name forms from one gender to another, while adjectival suffixes transform place names or nouns into Welsh names. Various elemental combinations are also used to create meaningful Welsh designations for name bearers. Below is a short list of some common Welsh suffixes, elements, and words used in their naming customs.  Element Form/ “meaning” Examples -a Suffix added to nouns, male or place names to make feminine names (forms) Suffix added to present feminine name to make a new female name Hefina (fr Hefin), Ifana (fr Ifan), Owena (fr Owen) Elina (fr Elin), Nesta (fr Nest),Meira (fr Mair) al- “very great, high” Alun dy- intensifying prefix Dylan -an Diminutive form fr Nan, derived fr fyn Ann “my Ann”(f) Megan, Deian, Bethan -en diminutive suffix Malen -ws diminutive suffix Magws (f) “Margaret” -yn singulative suffix Heryn -in singulative  suffix Hefin -og (m/f) adjectival suffix or noun suffix Cranog, Crannog, Heulog -wen (gwyn) suffix (f)“fair, holy, pure, white, bright” Browen , Cranogwen, Gwen, Gwyneth -wÿn Suffix (m) “handsome, pure, white, blessed” Cerwÿn, Carwÿn, Ceinwÿn (often used as f name Ceinwyn outside of Wales), Gwÿn -on suffix taken fr Celtic deities Llion (m) -cyn (-cÿn) diminutive fr English suffix -kin; derived fr the Flemish Sioncÿn (Johnny), Huwcÿn (Hughie), Deicÿn (Davie) -wy suffix “river” Aeronwy (f) carad fr verb caru “to love”+ -ad suffix making word an adjective= “loved” Caradog (m), Angharad (f) bron “breast” Eufron (m), Bron(f), Bronwen (f) eur fr penult aur“gold” Eurfryn (m), Eurfyl (m), Eurwen (f) cein fr cain “fine, fair, beautiful” Ceinwen (f), Ceinwyn (m), dei abbreviated form for Daffÿd “David”in English (m) Deian, Deicÿn, Delfrig, Dewi, Dei, Taffy derw “true” Derfel (m), Derfael (m – saint name), Derwen (f) drest fr Celtic “tumult or riot” Tristan (m), Drystan (m), Trystan (m) mael “prince, leader” (m) Mal merlin fr name Myrddin “sea fortress” Merlin (m), Marlin & Merlyn (Eng variants) enaid fr Welsh mythology “soul, life” Enid (f) lan taken fr llanw “tide or sea” Dylan udd “prince, lord” Gruffud (m) ab patronym for surname “son of” ab Edward (=Bedward), ab Einon (Beinon=Beynon) llys, lys “plant” Eirlys Elain fr Celtic elanî “female deer”and a el- root “red” Elain(f) elin “sharp turn, elbow” Elen (f) gwedd 2nd element in (f) names “appearance, face, aspect, complexion” Tegwedd, Ceinwedd blodeu fr blodau “flowers” Blodeuwedd (f), Blodwen (f) coron “fair or white crown” Corowen (f) bled variant fr blaidd “wolf” Bleddyn (m) y “the” Maldwyn (m) haul (heul) “sun” Heulwen (f) Ieu abbreviated form fr Ieuan (John in Welsh) Ifan, Ivan, Iefan, Ieuan (“Evan”, John), Ifana (f) llais “voice” Lleision (m) tref “town” Maldwyn (m) – fr surname Drefaldwyn mach “pact” Machreth (m) rhaith “law” Machreth (m) gwydd “presence” Elwydd (f) rem Welsh form for gem “jewel, precious stone” Eurem (f) bryn “hill” Eurbryn (m), Bryn (m)   Welsh Mythology Welsh mythological legends are a typical source for names for modern children in Wales. The Arthurian tales about King Arthur, the young boy who miraculously pulled the sword from the stone, and his mentor, a wizard named Merlin, are rich with namesakes from Geoffrey's 12th century writings. Some popular Welsh mythology names include: Percival, Morgan, Merlin, Lancelot, Maron, Arthur, Aeron, Dylan, Enid, and Kay. Popular & Famous Welsh Names Some Welsh names were made famous from the martyred saints who bore them, but many other names from Wales are used in England and America by royalty, as well as celebrities or their children. Buddug (Victoria), a female warrior who led the Iceni tribe in a revolt in 62 AD unsuccessfully against Rome. Dewi Sant, known as ‘David the missionary' who is Wales' patron saint. Bob Dylan the world famous singer/songwriter from England used this stage name. His birth name, John Zimmerman, wasn't quite as catchy. Elen the American comedian, shares the namesake derived from Elen Luyddog (Helen of the Hosts), from the 'Mabinogi' tales. Catherine Zeta Jones (from Abertawe, Wales) and her husband Michael Douglas named their son Dylan.