Spicy & Noble Spanish Names Nombre is the Spanish word for name. Many Spanish speaking countries in Latin America, as well as Spain, use Spanish naming customs to choose names (nombres) for their children. A Spanish name consists usually of 1 or more given names and 2 surnames (family names). The first surname is considered to be the primary, and is a patronym (father's last name). The second surname is a matronym (from the mother's father), as women traditionally retain their maiden names upon marriage. The word y which means “and” is sometimes placed between the 2 last names. For example, if José Garcia Lopez and María Cruz Reyes wed and have a child with a given name Carlos. Then, their son's full name will be Carlos Garcia Cruz. Saintly names are usual sources for Spanish given names, as with other European Catholic regions. See English Baby Names, Irish Baby Names, and American Baby Names. Many female names, like Consolata, Dolores, Mercedes, Rosario, Pilar, and Luz, honor the virgin mother of Jesus, Mary. Spanish Royalty The Islamic Caliphate of Cordoba controlled nearly all of Spain, except the Spanish March and the northern Kingdoms (Navarre & Asturias) in the 10th century. In the early 11th century, Navarre's King Sancho III united the greater realms which was split into 3 upon his death to his sons: Navarre, Castile, and Aragon. Castile and Aragon continued to expand their borders until the two were united in 1479 as Spain when Isabel I of Castile and Fernando III of Aragon ascended the throne in marriage. The last Muslim possession, Granada, in Spain lasted from 1248 until 1492. Spain was also ruled by the Habsburgs in the 1700's, and the French in the 1800's. The monarchy was not present during 1808 – 1814 (due to Napoleon), and again from 1931-1975. Spanish Royal Names origin/”meaning”/namesake variants (masculine)     Alphonso derived from Germanic elements / “noble or battle &  ready”/ namesake for 13 kings Alf, Alfi, Alphie, Fons, Alfons Fernando namesake for 8 kings Fern Felipe namesake for 5 kings Phillip, Phil, Felix Carlos namesake for 5 kings Carl, Los Juan, Pedro, Sancho namesakes for 5 kings/each Sanchi José, Luis, Martín namesakes for 1 king/each Louis, Luie, Lu, Martin, Marti  (feminine)     Isabel & Juana namesakes for 1 queen/each Bella, Isabella, Isabelle Urraca & Petronilla namesakes for 1 queen/each Uri, Petri, Nilla, Raca       Many Spanish names are derived from Germanic elements used for Visigothic names in the first few centuries A.D. For example, Ildefonso is the Spanish form of Hildefons (Germanic origin) meaning “battle ready”, from the two Germanic elements hild & funs. Common usages in variant forms/languages are Alphonso (Spanish, American), Alonzo (Italian), and Fons (Dutch). Another theory, still derives Alphonso from Germanic but from another element for “noble” adal combined with the same funs (ready). Regardless of it's specific meaning, the designation is undoubtedly royal. Along with the thirteen ancient Spanish kings who bore the famous name, six of Portugal's kings have also carried the popular royal name. Popular Spanish Baby Names Many Spanish names which are trending in Spain, are sharing variant name popularity in the West. Alexander, Daniele, Daniella, and Sophie are all English language or variant forms of Spanish origin which are very popular in the USA. Trending Spanish Boy Names Trending Spanish Girl Names Daniel Lucia Hugo Maria Alejandro (Alexander #8 in US) Sara David Claudia Mario Sofia Diego Daniela Pablo Alba Javier Paula