Punjabi or Sikh names are Indian names which are derived from Sanskrit. These names are rich in tradition, and Punjabis are very proud of their culture. Punjabis follow the Sikh religion which was founded by Guru Nanak Dev.  This religion is man made, as all religions, and believes that every individual is equal. The word “Sikh” originated from the Sanskrit word “sisya” which means disciple or student. Historians also suggest that the name was derived from the word “Saka” which means disciple to the Guru. All Punjabi males add “Singh” after their name which symbolizes the “Lion” and all females add “Kaur” which symbolizes “princesses”. It is used before the family or caste name and is common for all Punjabi Sikh followers. Punjabi names are based on their holy book called the “Guru Granth Sahib”. Most families often randomly open the book to a particular page and pick out the first alphabet on the page. This letter is used as the first letter while choosing the name for a child. Punjabi names are not gender specific and the names are used for both males and females.

Punjab in Persian means “five waters”, and it refers to the five rivers that flow through this province. Punjab is split in two sections, one of which belongs to India while the other belongs to Pakistan. This division took place during the British rule in India. Today, three of the five rivers flow through Pakistan. Punjab and the other two flow through India.
Punjabi culture is one of the oldest cultures in history. This culture evolved in the northern region of India and has now spread all over the world. Punjabi culture is now so famous that Canada uses it as a second language on sign boards. Punjabi people are large in number and are found all over the world. Most Punjabi people found in India and Pakistan. However, they also exist in large numbers in United States, the UK, throughout Europe, Canada, and Australia.
The Punjabi language is an Indo-Aryan Language which was used by the original inhabitants of the Punjab region. This language is used as the first language in most of Pakistan and millions of people all over the world still use the language to communicate. Most portions of the “Guru Granth Sahib” are written in Punjabi along with Sanskrit and Persian.
Punjabi is one of the most common languages found in India. This language has a huge influence on Bollywood, and many Bollywood songs are written in Punjabi. Punjabi culture can be observed in most Bollywood movies, especially those containing wedding scenes.
Punjabi Sikh traditions are different from Hinduism, as they follow scriptures mentioned in the “Guru Granth Sahib”. Sikh Punjabis strongly believe in equality and have no discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, color, or status. They believe every individual has equal right to live a simple life, think positive, and pray regularly. Sikh Punjabis are against superstitious beliefs, gambling and keeping women under the veil. They’re against the practice of Sati (a common practice in ancient India where widows were forced to jump to death during the cremation of their husbands.) They’re against the use of intoxicating substances, such as alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Sikh Punjabis live a simple life, follow traditions which suit the modern era, and have a rich culture. This makes this particular sect well-known, well liked, and easy to get along with.
Although most Punjabi names are not associated with a specific gender, modern Punjabis now use a shorter version of the traditional names according to whether using a masculine or feminine tone will make it sound more appropriate. Names such as Sahihajdeep, Gurmeet, Parsan and Tarandeep are common names that are used for both males and females.
Common Punjabi Boy Names:
Akash – This name is derived from the traditional name Amardeep which means “light in the sky”.
Gurman – This name is derived from the traditional name Gurmandeep which means “one who reflects the word of the Guru”.
Gurkeerat – This name means “one who sings in praise of the Guru”.
Gurvir/Gurveer – This name is derived from the traditional name Gurvinder which means” “the Gurus warrior”.
Karamvir/Karamveer – This name means “one who does brave deeds”.

Common Punjabi Girl Names:

Gursiman – This name is derived from the traditional name Gursimran which means “to remember the Guru”.
Gurleen – This name means “one who is infused within the Guru”.
Jasmeet – This name means “glorious friend”.
Harleen – This name means “within the love of the Guru”.
Nayanaprit – This name is a form of the name Nayan which means “pleasing to the eye”.